How to love yourself more deeply

Are you seeking the approval of others due to feelings of guilt and shame? Do you find your self-esteem a little shaky? Are you angry about yourself for one reason or the other quite often? Do you surround yourself with a solid wall that prevents anyone from getting close to you? These feelings or behaviors could have been due to your basic nature or it could set in following a traumatic situation. However, these are all indications that you are plagued with feelings of guilt and shame and need help to get out of it through the practice of Self Love which will help you change your life for the better.

Why should you love yourself?

SelfLove is an excellent feeling that will shape the feelings about yourself and expand your consciousness to lead you to a state where you will actually realize love and enable you to have great self- esteem. It will also make it possible and open avenues for building lasting friendships and maintaining intimate relationships. I will also open up the path to spiritual study and practice and help you live in peace.

Loving yourself deeply

Expanding your consciousness is a complex process that comes only with practice. As you practice the art of expanding your consciousness you will be able to feel a deep and passionate love for yourself and it would ebb and flow on to encompass those surrounding you as well. Things you should follow to expand your consciousness include

Beginning it at that moment

 Since love is a choice you have just like anger, hate,and sadness, there is no need to take your time to love yourself and others. It is quite improper to procrastinate loving and sending love to those around you as it is a healing process that has true healing powers.

Being compassionate to others

Compassion develops when you are open to view what a person does in his perspective or wearing his shoes. When you start viewing persons and situations from this standpoint you will be able to release the tight grip that you hold in your mind and send the love that the other person deserves.

Pay attention to what you are thinking

When you are constantly conscious and mindful of your thoughts you will be able to stop any judgemental, negative or critical thoughts when it is still a bud and nip it off completely. This will help you love others and this will, in turn, allow you to love yourself all over again.

Be true to yourself

The defense mechanism that you generally exhibit when you are hurt is to hide a part of ourselves in a shell that you think will protect you from getting hurt again. By being true to yourself and not denying what is the soul’s purpose, you will not be doing and saying things that are meant just to appease others. when you are able to break the shell and love yourself, you will be establishing a trust that will get you closer to being your true self without having to be deceptive and intensify Self Love

Inculcate habits that can build self-esteem

Having a high yet realistic self-esteem is the best step you can take towards loving yourself and being ready to pass on the love to others. you need to keep feeding your self-esteem with positive habits in order to maintain it that way. The daily tools that can be useful for you to improve your self- esteem and love yourself include

  • Keeping a journal- This refers to the practice of writing down the experiences of the day along with the feelings that are associated with it. When you analyze the journal, you will be able to understand if you dealt with a situation as best as you would like to handle it? If not, why? By practicing this regularly, you will be able to notice and try to get closer to expressing your true being
  • Practicing meditation- Meditation with deep breathing exercise and affirmations are capable of increasing yourself love and increasing the self- esteem.
  • Practice tapping- Practice of tapping alongside affirmations make the affirmations really powerful. The affirmations are powerful tools that will do a lot to improve self-esteem and Self Love.

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