Social Media Marketing Apps You Need Now

The insurmountable influence of social media on our lives brings everything to all popular social platforms and marketing is no different. With increasing number of people connecting and socializing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for iPad, the need of using social media marketing apps can’t be stressed more. And, if you’re looking to give a paradigm shift to your marketing efforts in the modern, technological world of today, here we have listed some of the best apps you should be taking a look at right now.

  • Quik

Ever though what’s the most digestible and engaging content type out there? Ask anyone and they’d surely say it’s ‘Video Content’. And with increasing popularity of this type of content, marketers still don’t have enough time to master video-editing and video-making skills that would be needed for producing some solid marketing content on a regular basis. Don’t worry, however, as Quik has got you covered here. The app allows you to create some really smooth transitions, add necessary filters, and synchronize music to come up with some masterpieces. So, just start creating killer content and give a boost to your marketing efforts.

  • Over

One program that every marketing beginner wants to master is Photoshop. The tool allows for easy designing and editing of photos to propagate your marketing message ever more effectively. However, if you want to kick start things without having to bear too much of a cost while keeping things simple at the same time, Over is the app you should go with. The app lets you add artwork layovers and text to your marketing materials without much of a hassle. The app is just great to call out people or locations and comes with many cool in-app purchases that offer access to additional artwork to meet your needs.

  • Repost

Most of the social platforms usually have same basic functions i.e. like, comment and share. It certainly turns out to be a uniform way of engaging with different web users. However, the trend was ditched by Instagram as users can’t share anyone else’s content now. That certainly is a setback for the social media marketers. However, if you want to achieve the functionality again then you can get it simply with the Repost app that allows you to share the content from your friends or anyone else on your feed.

  • CoSchedule

When you have your amazing marketing content ready, you have to put it online. But sharing it outright at all the social media channels you’re propagating for your marketing campaigns can be quite challenging to manage. So, scheduling your updates can come in handy here and an app for the same will not just save you time and effort but will also keep you away from the daunting process. The CoSchedule app allows for updating 6 different social media channels at a time and shares your chosen content on your accounts to boost social media marketing efforts you’ve been putting together. Besides, the app also allows you to integrate links, WordPress blogs, and schedule updates at the optimal times. It’s a real life safer.

  • Feedly

When you have to promote your own business, you do not always have noteworthy content that you can share with the loyal followers. However, it should never restrict you from coming up with regular content updates. For such scenarios, Feedly is the app that you should install to give a boost to your social media marketing efforts. The app gives you access to content feed which one can curate according to their own specific interests. With Feedly, you’re following a maximum of 100 different outlets simultaneously without having to pay anything at all. And, if you want more of them, you can simply subscribe for more by paying $5 every month. The app makes sure that you never feel deprived of noteworthy content and share it with a single click to various social platforms you’re following. It also offers a great way of keeping yourself updated with everything happening in the industry.

So, if you have been looking to put together your social media marketing brigade, these apps will help you amp up your efforts manifolds. Believe it or not, the results will be overwhelming and will start showing within a short span of time.

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