How To Grow Your Business On Pinterest In 2018

If you are thinking that only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used for marketing or for business purposes then you need to think again.

I am talking about Pinterest. Yes, you heard right " Pinterest ".

Pinterest is not a small platform for networking. It is one of the most popular social networks and has also most visited sites on the web by peoples. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet. With 200 Million active users Pinterest has become very popular. As Pinterest beats Instagram as a primary social media platform for influencing purchasing decisions for U.S social media users.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online pinboard which is mostly used by peoples all over the world for collecting visual pieces of multimedia and mostly Images.

Users using Pinterest will interact each other through liking, pinning, repinning and commenting on each other's stuff which they will be posting on Pinterest and this thing makes Pinterest a hot social network.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has proven to be effective and will be a good source to acquire the business from Pinterest and generate leads.

Instagram is very good and effective for businesses due to the following reasons :

1. Audience Growth: Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with 200 Million active users with it.

2. Increased Sales: With more than 200 Million active users on the network then this will give you amazing possibilities to getting new businesses and getting leads.

3. Attention: On an average users spends 1 Hour a day On Facebook, Pinterest, And Messenger and In the U.S one in 5 minutes spent on mobile is spent on Pinterest or Facebook.

4. Increase Awareness: You can easily increase the awareness of your brand or business on Pinterest with creating boards and pinning and repinning them.

5. Results: According to Pinterest itself, which looked more than 200 Millions active users globally and this is really a great thing to achieving good from results form Pinterest.

Just think about these benefits mentioned above!

How To Create Pinterest Business Account?

After making your Pinterest profile then follow these steps to create your Pinterest business account:

1. Go to the three dotted buttons which are present on the upper right side of your dashboard.

2. Then, go to the switch to a business account option and click on the continue button.

3. Then on next page fill all your necessary details like your business name, Your business type, and Your website link.

4. Then Click on the done button and your Pinterest business account is ready.

Effective Ways To Your Business

Here are 12 effective ways which to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business :

1. Always Keep Your Pins Inspiring

Inspiration on Pinterest comes in many forms it may be in the form of share quotes, art, movies, books etc.

When Pinterest introduced place pins they will be described the new features to help peoples to turn their travel inspiration into reality with the help of maps, addresses, and phone numbers.

2. Follow Other Businesses

There are many businesses which share their content only on Pinterest and don't share elsewhere.

You can find businesses which blogs you are following on Pinterest by searching for them you can do this with the help of Pinterest search or you can do this by doing Google Search.

3. Convert Your Pinterest Simple Page To Business Page

You can easily create your Pinterest business page. Business pages help your business a lot and provide helpful information through the added analytics features which the personal page doesn't have.

4. Use Different Types Of Content

Do you want to stand out from your competition and look yourself something unique?

This is one of the greatest and more utilize features for creating a business presence on Pinterest by posting different types of contents. It may be in the form of videos from the YouTube, An audio from the Soundcloud and a Slideshows from the Slideshare.

You can collect all your marketing messages in one place by:

  • Taking them directly to a slideshow.

  • Sharing an audio pinboard.

  • Send them directly to the link appears in the particular podcast pin.

  • Sharing the link to a video.

5. Use Pinterest Advertisement

Pinterest Introduce their advertisement platform which helps businesses to market and promotes their business on Pinterest. Pinterest ads work really well and give you amazing possibilities to reach your targeted audience and maximize your revenue.

Pinterest ads will help you to reach people while they actively decide what to do or buy next [ 96% of the Pinterest user use Pinterest to research what they’re buying ].

6. Promote Your Less-Followed Boards

When It comes to pinning the boards that get less attraction and hence followed less. You must take an advantage of all of the real estates which you have on Pinterest and share the wealth of your successful boards.

The repins from the boards which have few or fewer followers to boards that have a related theme and get more followers.

7. Title Boards With Pinterest

Pinterest boards were more discoverable through search i.e when the board name contains keywords.

The boards found in Pinterest search results for " Pinterest for business " the one which is appearing on the top of the list have the keywords directly in the board name.

So, make your boards more findable.

8. Always stay informed Of Pinterest Business Updates

Like as same as all other social platforms Pinterest also changes their updates time to time so you have to keep yourself up to date with Pinterest updates.

Pinterest's resources will help you to keep updated on Pinterest news, tips and features.

Check Pinterest blog and sites to keep your self up to date with Pinterest Updates.

9. Explores The Rich Pins

Do you want to add more information to your pin?

Of course why not!

Pinterest mainly has 5 types of rich pins :

  • Product pins include real-time pricing, the availability and where to buy.

  • Movie pins which include ratings cast members and reviews.

  • Place pins which include address, phone number, and maps.

  • Articles pins which include the headlines, author, story description and the link.

  • Recipe pins which include ingredients, serving info and cooking time.

You have to decide which kind of rich pin you want to apply.

10. Quote Comments From Events

This is one of the effective ways to promote an annual event. Pin notable comments from speakers into an event board.

Use a tool name as Quozio to format your quotes for easy pinning in Pinterest.

11. Optimize Pinterest For An SEO

Here are 8 effective tips for optimizing a business's Pinterest presence for the search that includes:

  • Choose a username for an optimized company.

  • Differentiate your pinboards.

  • Use you pins descriptions wisely and accurately.

  • Always try to speak your customer's language.

  • Leverage the long tail.

  • The images you have pin must have descriptive files names and alt tags.

  • Include links back to your website.

  • Incorporate hashtags.

12. Name Images Strategy

Make sure that images on your websites are found when are users searching the web for pins?

Do Image Optimization by naming your websites with keywords and hyphens. So, that search engines can easily recognize the image name.

Example: Use a name such as "best-site-apps-for-business.png will be much better than the default name such as CHR_8735.jpg.

Final Words

I Hope this article added some value to your business and help you to grow your business on Pinterest. Implement these points in your business on Pinterest and I am sure that you will get good results day by day.

What is your strategy to promote your business on Pinterest, Write down in the comments below!

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