6 Best Tips to Clean with Microfiber Cloth

Are you wondering about how many ways you can use a microfiber cloth for cleaning? It’s indeed one of the best yet most effective components to get along with when it comes to cleaning. Here the top 6 tips you should use to clean with microfiber cloth. So let’s dive in

Cleaning Faucets

Every one of us wants to have a shiny faucet. For you to have one, you just need to use vinegar-&-water solution and a general purpose microfiber cloth. It’s pick up anything that’s splashed onto the surface in any crusty bits that are stuck and hard to remove.

Clean Eye Glasses

Admit it! It isn’t that easy for you to function with dirty glasses. But you either may be short of that fancy glass cleaning kit. In that case, you can try using that simple electronics cleaner (water plus rubbing alcohol) and a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints, dirt, bacteria and makeup etc. just a quick wipe with a right microfiber cloth can help you see clearly.

Cleaning Grout and Tiles

When it comes to cleaning grout in tiles, it’s imperative for you to use the sponge or better, if you go for a little toothbrush or nylon bristle brush. But this process isn’t complete and perfectly executed unless a wipe of general purpose microfiber cloth is added. Once you’re done, just wipe away all of your cleaning with a general purpose microfiber cloth that's been dampened. It will remove all the grittiness left behind by the product alongside revealing a streak-free shine.

Dish Washing

Specifically for the dishwashing by hand, it’s imperative to use the general purpose microfiber cloth. You know why? It’s because they just don’t cling on to bacteria, they’re free of all the smell and especially much more flexible & easy to work with. Are you wondering about the heavier duty scrubbing? It works best for that as well especially when you let things soak. Moreover, waffle weave towels are great for drying so use that as well.

Points of Contact

In order to clean the points-of-contact, you can try using this mixture. Just mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Add 10-drops of your favorite essential oil and shake it up. Make sure that you’re using the clean spray bottle. And you’re done. Use it to clean points of contact around the house. There are so many areas where a lot of bacteria is kicking around. It’s all up to use whether you use the flat-weave cloth or general purpose cloth. The results are going to be outstanding.

Fridge Cleaning

In order to do that, make sure that everything is removed from your fridge. After that, give it a good spray with an all-purpose cleaner and then grab a general-purpose microfiber cloth and start wiping from the top-bottom. As per the maids Dubai, this will not only help remove any debris but also help dry at the same time. And that’s such an amazing thing about using microfiber cloth.


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  1. Clean your eyeglasses with these! I really like these cloths. They"re big. you get 10 big ones and 2 small ones. I just got a new pair of glasses and they recommend using microfiber cloths to clean them. The cloth that came with the glasses was a joke. It was so small that when I tried to clean my glasses I wound up leaving a smudge or 2 from my fingers. Friend of mine said the same thing about his glasses so I gave him a couple of cloths and he liked them a lot. They"re very soft and as I understand it, machine washable