Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

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Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

The technological advanced machines and devices are the story of every other home. You can’t find even a single home without the presence of smart devices. Technology has turned even the simplest of things a bit advanced. The internet serves as one of the greatest technological miracles.

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The world has been debating a lot about the effects of the technology on the kids. Majority of the humans claim that it is not good for kids to get used to the technology at early ages but on the other hand, you can find the facts given by the opposite party to prove their stance.

Here are some facts to prove you that technology will definitely turn the new generation smarter than ever.

How Will Digital Generation Be Smarter?

Better in Debates

Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

Nowadays, kids are exposed to the use of the internet at early ages. They learn to Google different queries on their own, read different blogs, gather views of multiple people and absorb a great amount of information. They can find answers to their questions on their own without the help of adults.

This makes their brain absorb more knowledge at a faster pace. Hence, when kids absorb more information they get better at giving points and using that information in their defense. The use of technology has made kids able to debate with solid and logical points rather than the imaginary points.

Exposure to More Knowledge

Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

Back in the era when there was no technology, kids just learned the things their parents taught them but now, kids have Google and other search engines as their best friends. They have many forums with people from all around the world to answer their questions.

Every other kid has a tablet of his own and is free to use that whenever he wants. This gives them the liberty to access different websites full of knowledge. This way they learn more than what is taught to them at educational institutes. It makes their mind sharper and smarter.

You can even learn many things about the new world from the kids around you. To buy a good quality internet package for your kid at reasonable rates select one of the Optimum deals.

Understand the Technology

Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

In today’s time, parents allow their 2 years old kid to use the phone and tablet. To our surprise, these little humans learn to use the devices on their own within a few weeks. This shows the way the technology has rewired the human brain.

By the age of seven, every kid gets his or her own phone and tablet. This way kids learn to use the technology faster than many of the adults do. It creates a bond between them and the devices. It makes them think in a completely different way than the kids who grew up with the absence of devices.

Such kids can think better to come up with technologically advanced solutions for different problems found in the society. You can even observe this problem-solving nature in your 10 years old relative.

The Ability to Question

Will Digital Generation Be Smarter or Dumber?

In the previous eras, kids were told just to follow what the society tells them. However, now the use of the technology has opened the gates of knowledge for humanity. This makes them able to get exposure to the ongoing debates of the world, learn about different point of views of individuals, question the theories presented and come up with their own theories and ideas.

This builds the ability to question in them, which is crucial if you want to discover and learn more than you already do. Questioning the already imposed truths is the only way through which humanity learned more and is standing at the point of the digital era now.

You can find many critiques done by the people in the opposite party to state that technology is worse for kids. However, the stated facts should be enough to prove you the benefits of the technology for young minds. Call the Buckeye customer care to bring home Buckeye Broadband services for your kid.

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